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Smoked Elk Roast

The Perfect Elk Roast brought to you by Amanda Nichole Villard of Monument, Colorado. Thank you Amanda for sharing!

Average smoke time is around 1 hour per pound. The elk roasts target final temp should be between 130 f and 140 f. The key is to pull the elk roast from the smoker at 130 f and wrap with butcher paper or foil. The Elk roast will continue to climb in temperature while resting.

Venison Burger Topped with Jarlsberg Jalapeno

One of the best cheese dips we have ever tried is Jarlsberg Jalapeno dip! So naturally we wanted to enjoy it with some of our wild game dinners. The recipe will make extra dip so you can enjoy as an appetizer while you cook your venison burgers!

Venison Grape Jelly Meatballs

Yes - Grape Jelly Venison Meat Balls. That is not a typo. A sweet way to enjoy venison.

Venison Jalapeños Cheddar Bratwurst

Venison, jalapeños, and cheese... what more could you ever ask for.

Smoked Venison Teriyaki Jerky

One of the best ways to enjoy your deer is with jerky. This smoked venison teriyaki jerky is a hearty snack.

Honey Pork belly Burnt Ends Recipe

Smoked Pork Burnt Ends

These are the perfect super sticky honey pork belly burnt ends that all your friends will talk about for weeks.