Kally’s Colorado Archery Bull

Kally’s Colorado Archery Bull

Kally and her friend Peyton went up to Steamboat Springs, CO for a two week Elk hunt. On the second weekend they went out at 5:30 am and started walking a ridge-side, eventually running into a handful of elk. She almost had a couple shots presented to her, but the elk were just not quite close enough. Just about the time they were about to head back to camp, a bull elk started walking back at them lower down the ridge. They both decided to walk toward him and eventually saw him laying down. When they reached about 50 yard from him he got up and started to walk down in front of Kally and Peyton. A 28 yards the bull gave Kally a perfect broadside shot and she landed it perfectly! Congratulations Kally!

Also a shout out to Peyton for doing the calling.

  • State: Colorado
  • Month and Year: September 2018
  • Weapon: 2016 Bowtech Carbon Rose
  • Range: 28 yards

Kally, what do you plan to make from your harvest?

We plan to get a lot of burger, Italian and breakfast sausage, summer sausage and steak out of this bull and I can’t wait to bring some of it to my house for college as I won’t have to be buying any meat from the stores!!


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