Harold’s Last Light Buck

Harold’s Last Light Buck

Hunting Story

Typically I hunt the same area every year in southern AZ, the same area I do a lot of 4 wheeling. A couple weeks ago while cruising the area I saw a nice 2×2 buck about 200 yards from where I camp figured that would be a good place to sit opening morning. Got all packed and went down Wednesday to get set up and scout the area before Friday morning hunt. Thursday morning scouted in the opposite direction from camp that I had seen the 2×2 and saw a little bigger buck so Friday morning I walked off in that direction.

At about 8:30 I saw a 2×2 buck and doe 80 yards out took 2 shots and over shot both times walked the area just to be sure I had missed and nothing. I was pretty bummed out the rest of the day couldn’t believed I missed that close. Around 3:00 I decided to go to my favorite spot I normally sit opening morning. At 4:45 I decided to call it a day still bummed out from the miss that morning. When I got to the Early Ford Bronco I put my gun away and decided to glass the hill side one more time. Pulled up the bio’s and bam right in the glass was a buck 375 yards on the side of a straight up nasty incline, couldn’t believe it. I got the 30-06 back out and took the shot MISSED again! The buck disappeared glassed a little while longer and decided to go back to camp, got in the bronco and backed out of the field and decided to take one more look and there was a different buck much bigger pulled back in the field got my gun out again and took the shot I heard the thud and figured I had hit him but I couldn’t see him, now it was to dark to go find him.

That Night I didn’t sleep worth a dang and was up at 4:00am and waited until 5:30am to go look for him. As soon as the sun hit the ridge I saw the antlers and knew I got him. My two hunting partners were with me to help recover the deer. Once we got close I was really happy I had missed the other two I had shot at. We field dressed him and took him to Dickmans in Tucson to be processed, 15lbs of chorizo, roast, stakes, and burger. Looking forward to trying some of the recipes on Kills To Meals.

  • State: Arizona
  • Month and year: October 2017
  • Weapon: 30.06 Rife

What do you plan to make from your harvest?

I am having Dickmans in Tucson make chorizo sausage. They will also process the harvest into roast, stakes, and ground burger.

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